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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  January 25, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. some welcome relief from those frigid temperatures. take a live look outside. it is milder but overcast. we have marty bass and meteorologist bernadette woods. >> you can tell the change because marty has changed back to the other jacket. 37 degrees in baltimore. 41 in easton. as compared to this time yesterday that is 12 degrees warmer in baltimore, almost 20 degrees across southern maryland. as we warm up, the watch is for the blue shaded counties during
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the entire day tomorrow. the complicated storm coming our way. for more, we'll send it to marty. that's a pretty zesty testimony. it's not going to run into conditions favorable for a major winter area. take a look at the timeline. by tomorrow morning we'll see the effects rolling through. by thursday morning it's long gone and out of here. there is north and east going to be another big wallop, but here in the area, this is painted with a very broad brush. we're talking about another i-95 weather system. south and east different from north and west. we'll defer to bernadette and
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have more details on what the probable accumulations could be and where the slushy mess will be. we'll do that during the first warning weather segment. tonight the president will deliver his state of the union address to a joint session of congress and the american people. he will focus on the economy and try to find common ground with rps leaders -- republican leaders. >> reporter: the address is expected to focus on jobs and the deficit. >> including getting our fiscal house in order. >> reporter: president obama will call for more money for roads, bridges and the environment. he will use the word investment. >> the american people know that we can't continue to borrow and spend our way to prosperity. >> reporter: they say
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investments should come from the private sector. the president is expected to address the deficit and say he's looking to find common ground between the two parties. the mood tonight is expected to be somber. it's been a few weeks since the tucson shootings that injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. mrs. obama has invited the family of 9-year-old christina taylor green. one of giffords' surgeons will also be in attend dance and several republicans and democrats have agreed to sit together, breaking tradition and trying to unite a cloning that is off the -- congress that is often deeply divided. >> later today, vic carter will lead wjz's complete coverage from washington, d.c.
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you can watch the state of the union address live at 9:00 on wjz. there will be a news conference allowing same-sex marriage. wjz and andrea fujii is live with the story. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is not the first time the legislature has brought up the issue of gay marriage but it may be the first time voters are the ones deciding on it. the religious freedom and marriage protection act would legalize same-sex marriage in maryland but not require churches to perform it. >> if the bill is passed in the general assembly, the people can petition it to referendum. >> reporter: a poll shows it would be close. of the more than 800 voters
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polled, 51% gay marriage in maryland. 44% oppose it. 5% did not respond. 73% of republicans are opposed. deanna dean is a gay marriage advocate and has reservations about putting the issue to a vote. >> i feel like the civil rights of any minority should never be voted on by a majority. >> reporter: the bill must be passed in the house and the senate and signed by the governor first before it goes to the voters. right now the outcome in the legislature is too early to tell. back to you. >> there's also a second same sex bill. this one would recognize civil unions. 58% of maryland voters approve the job martin o'malley is
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doing. it's the highest since he took office in 2007. big changes are coming to the prince george's county's police department after a police raid and lawsuit. two and a half years ago officers broke into the home of mayor cheye calvo, handcuffed he and his mother-in-law and killed their two dogs. the county will change their policy on treatment of animals and no-knock warrantsswat team broke into his house, cuffed him and his. >> it was later determined that this was part of a scheme.
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>> baltimore state's attorney has been in office only a month and already in the middle of a fire storm of controversy. we have the details on this. protesters marched outside the office furious over the decision not to charge eli werdesheim and his brother. they are accused of breaking the wrist of an african-american teen last year. local naacp and other local community leaders are lashing out at burn stein not to bring hate crime charges. bernstein said his decision was based on evidence alone. >> a court hearing is scheduled for next month. >> a redesign is in the works. the boardwalk needs replacing because it has deteriorated. one of the culprits, the
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boardwalk trolley. options include replacing all the wood and adding a concrete lane. to take the poll, go to and click on links and numbers. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon, there's a lot of finger pointing in the terrorist bombing at moscow's airport. the postal service is considering sweeping changes that could have a big impact on how you send mail. another winter storm is barreling done on maryland. details are coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my cal jackson's personal physician is about to go on trial for invol -- involuntary manslaughter. a conviction could mean that murray would never practice medicine again no russia's prime minister is promising payback
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for those responsible for the attacks at the airport. charlie d'agata reports for wjz. >> reporter: a security camera caught the terrifying moment when a bomb tore through the arrival hall at russia's busiest international airport. witnesses say the suicide bombers screamed "i will kill you all" before blowing himself up. >> i saw people die on the floor and people lying on the luggage trolleys and it was terrible. >> reporter: russian prime minister vladimir putin is promising reveption saying retribution is inevitable. they said it looks like the work of islamic rebels, chechynian
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groups. russia's president said airport security failed, but airport officials i sis it was the -- insist it was the responsibility of the transport police. seven years ago suicide bombers penetrated the airport illegally buying tickets from airport person name. both flights exploded killing 90. the terminal is buzzing again. security is on everyone's mind, so are the victims of monday's attack. >> analysts say in may cause the russian government to rethink security areas but experts warn that arrival areas will continue to be targets. you may have to go farther to buy some postage stamp. the postal service is considering shutting down some 2,000 offices. last year they lost $8 1/2
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billion saying more customers are using online services or postal machines in stores. stick around. your updated first warning forecast is coming up in two and a half minutes. let's take a look at midday stocks to be followed by last night's multimatch numbers. ,,,,
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welcome back. there's a scene of the inner harbor. today feature as warmup because of a warm front that went through. a couple of flurries, even sleet pellets. now we're seeing clouds mixing with sunshine but here's the warmer air. 37 degrees in baltimore. 39 in d.c. as compared to this point yesterday, we're at least 10 degrees warmer and in some places 0 degrees -- 20 degrees warmer. since we've warmed up, test one is going to be a dicey one. we're looking at a winter storm watch for these counties through tomorrow morning. for the eastern shore through early thursday morning. it's because of this storm
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system moving our way. here's the first one. there's a lot of moisture with it. there will be severe weather in florida today. then it's going to move our direction for tomorrow. when it arrives tomorrow morning, could have an icy start before becoming rain from i-95 south and east. then this becomes more complicated, probably changing over to rain for a time frame for carol county, maybe frederick county but back over to snow. even in this area it will be rain during the day, it will end with snow and accumulation in these places. here's our storm. but then tomorrow night has this thing ramps up, it's going to pull in colder air with accumulating snow wednesday night into the early hours of thursday. southern parts of maryland and
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the here shore, maybe snow at the end of it. then it all gets out of here on thursday. for today, today's the calm day, 44 degrees for our high. tonight we go done to 31. that's below freezing. the storm arrives late tonight early tomorrow morning. a storm -- winter storm watch. the dividing line will be 95. it will be north and west of the city. >> thank you. still to come, eating healthy. upcoming challenges to knew -- changes to nutrition labels. remember, wjz is always on for you. here are some of the stories we're following. for constant updates of the news and the first warning forecast,,
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in today's healthwatch, the food industry has plans to make nutrition hall information more prominent. by the end of the year you'll see saturated fat and sugar on the front of packages in addition to the longer label on the back. it will replace the current system the fda is calling
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misleading. as part of wjz's continuing commitment to give you an opportunity to give live, sign up for the blood drive at the crowne plaza. for more information, click on news and then look on the lefthand side of our web page, be sure to check in at 4, 5 and 6 for a troubling turn. his golden voice took him from homeless to famous. and pot meets pop for soda. join us for these stories and all the breaking news at 4. join us in a moment,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. let's look at the five-day forecast with marty. what i want to do is look at the temperatures as we move through the five-day. we're not going back into the deep freeze. 36, 38, 42 and 40. those overnight lows are significant. back inside. >> believe it or not, baseball season is just around the corner. as part of our continuing community commitment, it's this
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year's fan test. it's at 11, current and former oriole players will be on hand. see you there. >> that's always a fun day. >> and always draws a big crowd. thanks for watching. for jessica, i'm don. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,
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